Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is the total cost for the season?

A:  $720.  League fee $432 & ref fees $288 ($32/game x 9 games). 


Q:  When do rosters need to be finalized?

A:  All roster updates are allowed up until the start of the team's 3rd regular season game.  Any roster changes after that will require Commissioner's approval.


Q:  Can my team get all early or late games?

A:  The ABN is very accommodating in providing convenient scheduling for teams needing primarily early or late games.  However, there is no guarantees that your team will get all early or all late games.  All that we can guarantee is that we will do our best in providing the most accommodating schedule.


Q:  What if my team needs a bye on certain week?

A:  As long as there is adequate notice (at least 3 days in advance), it should not be a problem.  Your team can make up the missed week with a double header later in the season.


Q:  Can players play on more than one team?

A:  Yes, players may play on more than one roster on the same or different night.  However, if a player is on the roster of two teams playing each other, he must decide which team he is playing for and can not switch once the game starts.


Q:  What is considered Asian?

A:  Asian is any ethnicity from the Continent of Asia and Pacific Islanders.  Players need to be at least 1/2 Asian to be considered Asian status in the ABN.  ALL PLAYERS have height restriction of 6-2 max.  Teams are allowed up to 3 non-Asians.