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2019-20 Winter season information:


Wednesdays (30+ years old): started December 11th, 2019 @ American Sports Centers

Thursdays: started January 9th, 2020  @ American Sports Centers

Sundays: starts February 9th, 2020 @ American Sports Centers

ABN League roster rules:

Sunday & Thursday:  3 non-Asians allowed and max height on ALL PLAYERS* (Asians & Non-Asians) is 6-2.  Men Only and 18 years or older.

Wednesday 30+All players must be 30 years or older3 non-Asians and max height on ALL PLAYERS* (Asians & Non-Asians) is 6-2.  Men Only.

*EXCEPTION:  A few Asian ABN players have been grandfathered into the league.  They have played in the league numerous years under the old height rule and will be allowed to continue playing despite the new height restriction.


Listed below are some of the reasons why teams are joining The ABN:

1.  League fees (including ref fees for 9 games) is $720 for an 8-game regular season (and 1 guaranteed playoff game).  That breaks down to $80/player for a 9-man squad. 

2.  Games are spaced out every 50 minutes.  Adequate warm up time will be allowed if necessary.

3.  Game stats available for each team and player.  Stats recorded are points scored, 3 pointers made, free throw made and attempted, steals, assists, and rebounds.

4.  All team captains, along with email, can call or text the commissioner directly.  During the season, the commissioner will be at the facility to supervise league activities and assist team captains.  Therefore any questions or concerns can be address immediately on site.

5.  Convenient scheduling.  If teams requires certain game times or certain weeks off, we will work with the team on making it happen.

6.  Teams have the option to update rosters and make league payments within the first 3 games of the season (min $200 @ 1st game).  Flexible payment options includes: Cash, Check, PayPal, or Venmo.

7.  Teams are not required to play regular season double headers.  

8.  The ABN uses only CIF certified referees and experienced scorekeepers.

Please visit our FAQ Page to get answers to our frequently asked questions.