ABN Game Play Rules

ABN Game Play Rules

I.  Regulation and Overtime

A.  Two 20-Minutes running clock halves with STOP CLOCK* during the last minute of regulation play if the points differential is 8 points or less.  Teams are allowed 2 Time Outs per half (no carry-overs).  If teams can not agree upon a designated game ball, then a coin flip by the scorekeeper or Commissioner will decide.

B.  Over Time Rules
    1.  2 minutes running clock with STOP CLOCK* during last 30 seconds of over time (1st and 2nd OT)
    2.  Each team is granted exactly 1 time out (1st and 2nd OT)
    3.  Both teams will automatically be in 1 + 1 Free Throw Bonus for all OTs.
    4.  2nd OT, same rules applies as 1st OT.  3rd OT is sudden death with no timeouts and first team to score 2 points, WINS

*Please note that during STOP CLOCK play, the game clock does not stop on made field goals.  It only stops on the referee's whistle for fouls, violations, time outs, and out of bounds AND if the points differential is 8 points or less during the last minute of regulation play or the last 30 seconds of Over Time.  Note:  Clock can stop if a Free Throw reduces the point differential from 9 to 8, but will not start if a Free Throw increases point differential from 8 to 9.

II.  Officiating

A.  High school officiating rules applies except for the following:
    1.  No alternating possession arrow, jump ball on all tie ups
    2.  No Shot Clock
    3.  Players may substitute on either 1st or 2nd free throw attempt at referee discretion
    4.  Teams may advance ball to half court on any time outs
    5.  Bonus 1 + 1 Free throw applies at 7th team fouls (of the half) OR 2nd foul within last minute of play. NO double bonus EVER.
    6.  Player disqualification at 6 personal fouls
    7.  All players receiving technical fouls must sit out two minutes of game time

B.  Rules to consider:
    1.  Catching your own air ball is NOT a travel as long as it was a legitimate shot attempt.
    2.  Anyone on the team may call a time out (bench players included)
    3.  Technical Foul = 2 Free Throws and possession of the ball for opposing team
    4.  Inducing a shot from your opponent with a "false countdown (3-2-1)" may result in a technical foul.

    5.  There is NO "break away foul rule" (only the NBA uses that rule).


III.  Playoff Tie Breakers

1.  Head-to-head record

2.  Strength of schedule

Example:  Team A played 8 opponents that have a cumulative record of 34-30 while Team B played 8 opponents that have a cumulative record of 32-32 then Team A earn tie-breaker.

3.  Record against common opponents

4.  Coin Flip